MOTHERS DAY MIRACLE (4.5) by Lois Richer is quite possibly her finest book! Packed with an emotional punch, it is the first in the series If Wishes Were Weddings. Everything Clarissa Cartwright has ever wanted, and prayed earnestly for, is right next door: a husband and children. But her neighbor, Wade Featherhawk, doesnt want anything to do with her as he tries to raise his deceased sisters children. The more determined Wade is to manage without Clarissa the more he seems to need her. She settles for less by agreeing to marry him so that he can keep custody of the children. And all too soon she finds herself in love with Wade, knowing he will never love her. Or will he? The only problem with this heartwarming story about blossoming love is that it ends too soon.

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston