Image of Mother's Day Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries)


Image of Mother's Day Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries)

Meier's Lucy Stone series is as charming and enjoyable as ever. The issues of motherhood and the competition that can result are real and vivid, even though things don't usually end in murder in real life. One feels sorry for the children involved and yearns to tell the mothers to get a life. The conclusion is a surprise and makes for a thoroughly enjoyable book.

Two supermoms, both with aspirations for their daughters, clash in the small town of Tinker's Cove, Maine. Lucy is tired of such frivolous fighting and is instead thinking more about a young woman missing for 10 months. A reporter for the local newspaper and mother of two teenagers, Lucy worries about the harm that can come to any daughter, especially now that hers wants to start dating.

First, Lucy's Mother's Day is interrupted by a clash between the two mothers, then one is shot right in front of her. When police suspect someone Lucy is sure is the wrong man, she feels she has to investigate. Before she's finished, her daughter is in more trouble than anyone could ever imagine. (KENSINGTON, Apr., 240 pp., $22.00)

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Page Traynor