Image of A Mother's Homecoming


Image of A Mother's Homecoming

A MOTHER’S HOMECOMING (4.5) by Tanya Michaels: Michaels’ story isn’t a typical romance, but readers should rush to read it, as the gritty realities of alcoholism and small-town life, plus a heroine who’s looking for redemption, will touch their hearts and move them deeply. Despite the realism, the romance is tender and heartwarming. Teenager Pamela Jo Wilson ran away from her husband and infant daughter, believing they would be better off without her. Thirteen years later, Pam is a recovering alcoholic and back in her hometown. Nick Shephard has never forgiven Pam’s desertion and has been raising their daughter alone. Slowly, the two try to make their way back to each other and not hurt the child they made.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper