Image of A Mother's Secret (Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel)


Image of A Mother's Secret (Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel)

Concerns about appearances and gossip once again interfere with an opportunity for love, but Josh and Carolyn’s stand against the judgment of others makes them incredibly brave characters as they take steps toward the happiness they realize God wants for them. Characters from the first title in the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series make appearances in this novel to resolve their own issues, which enhances the multilayered plot. A hint at Ben’s paternity will leave readers craving more.

At 31, Carolyn Lapp is still single, and not entirely because she had a child when she was a teenager. Her brother, Amos, refuses to forgive her transgression, and his sons blame her own when they misbehave. Carolyn is left wondering if she is worthy of true love, but holds onto hope when she meets Joshua Glick. When Amos pressures her to marry a widower for whom she feels no attraction, she struggles to choose between security and a chance at happiness. (ZONDERVAN, Jun., 352 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland