Readers will definitely want to befriend quirky heroine Meagan. However, Meagan’s journey can be frustrating as she seems to make the same mistakes over and over again. A bit of a pushover, she falls quickly into the hero’s arms and refuses to budge even though the only appealing thing about Ric seems to be his looks. Even though Ric ultimately wins Meagan — and the reader — over, thanks to his fiercely protective nature and willingness to do anything to keep Meagan safe, it remains hard to believe that Meagan doesn’t have a problem accepting the fact that he is Fae. Not that she can be blamed. After all, it is hard to take the elves she meets seriously as otherworldly creatures as they look, talk and act like humans. Fantasy fans may be disappointed that the fantastical elements in the story seem like an afterthought, but readers looking for a fast-moving, sexy tale will be pleased with Pape’s book.

Meagan thinks she is just a normal girl carving out a career as an artist in Detroit. That is until she meets Ric, a thoroughly sexy elf who has been ordered to escort Meagan to her rightful place in the Fae court. While Meagan is able to accept the existence of fairies and shapeshifters, she is leery about her part in this magical world. So now Meagan must decide to either follow Ric and embrace her new life as an elf, or reject her birthright and return to her normal life. (Carina Press, dl. $5.99)


Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne