Originally published in 1969 under the title Aspire to the Heavens, this slim volume of historical fiction became a collectors' item when it went out of print and Ms. Clark become a superstar of suspense fiction.

Now back in print, this charming, lovingly written romance between George and Martha Washington will interest her old and new fans. Beginning with Washington sitting at John Adams's inauguration, the novel swiftly moves in a flashback to Washington's earlier life. For such a confident military leader, Washington was highly vulnerable as a man. His mean-spirited mother undermined his confidence in his triumphs in the French and Indian War and his land acquisitions.

Some readers may not know of Washington's unrequited love for Sally Wilcox and how he came to marry the "pretty widow" Martha (widely known as Patsy) Custis, who become his strength, his true love, and the constant in his life.

Ms. Clark illuminates their courtship in this sweet novel and allows readers to see Washington as a man and not just a leader. We follow his domestic life far more than his political one, and this very human man with human frailties comes to life under Ms. Clark's pen. This is a first novel that shows the potential Ms. Clark has fulfilled and one that her fans will wish to add to complete their collection of her work. SWEET (Now available, 224 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin