Mouth to Mouth is a touching romance with empathetic characters who learn that it takes independence and trust to make a strong relationship.

Police detective Russ Evans is so close to catching con artist Trevor Dean in the act, he can taste it. But when he meets Trevor's next intended victim, Laurel Wilkins, his heart stops. She's breathtaking, innocent and sweet—real relationship material.

But the only type of relationship Russ has with women is physical. So when shy Laurel tells Russ she doesn't want a relationship, she just wants sex, he believes he's met the perfect girl. But will the guy who never has relationships be satisfied with just sex, or will he want more?

McCarthy's depiction of the hearing-impaired Laurel Wilkins is refreshingly honest, driving home her point that all of us have the same wants, needs and desires. Mouth to Mouth is heartwarmingly sexy. (Jan., 160 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik