Sylvan Miles arrives at Clairmont Castle expecting to nurse a crippled man. Instead she finds Lord Rand Malkin, a man whose wounds are more than flesh deep and whose anger and passion are not only a match for her gentleness and compassion, but also a mirror image of her own suffering.

The once vital nobleman, now confined to a wheel chair, lashes out at the world. With no desire for a nurse, no less a woman whose tarnished reputation follows her from Brussels home to England, Rand begins playing a sensual game of cat and mouse intending to frighten Sylvan away.

Stubborn, kindhearted and vulnerable, Sylvan proudly holds up her head against the gossips and scandal mongers, but she's unprepared for Rand's games. Still compelled to help, Sylvan works to restore Rand's health.

In the meantime, a "Jack the Ripper"-style killer is on the loose in the village, the cotton mill is destroyed, and the infamous Clairmont Ghost has been seen. Amidst the mystery and suspicion Sylvan and Rand discover a passion that will move heaven and earth, a love so strong that it will heal their wounds and exorcise the ghosts that haunt their souls.

A poignant and glorious love story, MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH will surely touch your heart with its unique beauty and special warmth. Christina Dodd's innovative storytelling will leave many in awe of the intense emotions and sensuality she is able to draw out in her characters. A memorable reading experience; joy mingling with tears. VERY SENSUAL (Aug., 387 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin