This suspenseful romance matches two fascinating people in a completely unbelievable way. MOVING VIOLATIONS is worth reading for the wonderful concept, but the execution is unconvincing. The problem is that Jess and Mac don't seem to fall in love. We repeatedly read about Jessica's conviction that no one can possibly want her, and we are repeatedly reminded that Mac is someone who sees beyond the wheelchair. Unfortunately, it reads as though Mac decides very quickly to spend his life with Jessica based on very little, and that Jessica finally accepts him because he is there and willing, and to her that is a miracle.

Jessica Savage is a tough prosecuting attorney recently confined to a wheel chair. She has adjusted to widowhood and her physical limitations, but she is still lonely. When routine threats escalate into real danger, she is offered the opportunity to banish her loneliness, in the form of Sergeant William McCready.

The moment Mac meets Jessica, he knows she needs more than just his protection. He immediately dedicates himself to drawing her out of her shell, wanting to convince her that she is still capable of leading a romantic life.

(dl $4.30, dk $6.60)

Reviewed by: 
Christine Chambers