Sad stories define Kate Anderson's life. Her best friend, Eve, moved in with her on a short-term basis after a nasty breakup and now has become an agoraphobic permanent fixture. Her other best friend, Alex, has taken up residence on her couch because of a work vs. family squabble with her spouse. Worst of all is Kate's "comfortable" fiancé Harold Trent Wellington, a neat-freak corporate attorney with penile dysfunction disorder. Just as Kate begins to finally wonder if she's the saddest of them all for being suckered in by their woes, she meets Mr. Destiny.

Anthony Petrocelli is an Italian stallion New York police officer whose superstitious grandmother predicted he'd meet the love of his life in Central Park and that she'd be a beautiful blonde with green eyes standing beside the Virgin Mary. Did he believe her? Fugheddaboudit! Then it happens exactly as Nonna described from her tea-leaf reading. Now Tony has to convince Kate that a happily-ever-after with him is much better than another sad story with wee little Wellington.

Halliday has written a cute and quirky comedy that's as robust as her yummy Italian Stallion hero. (Nov., 384 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith