The youngest son of the Earl of Hargate, Rupert Carsington is exiled to Egypt to keep out of trouble. But trouble follows him: since his arrival in Cairo he has broken no fewer than 23 statutes and has been imprisoned for another infraction.

Hieroglyphic expert Daphne Pembrooke needs Rupert's help rescuing her brother from kidnappers who are holding him until she relinquishes the key to unlocking the secret "code" for reading hieroglyphics.

Daphne will provide the information and Rupert can provide the brawn. But put a strong-willed woman and a powerful man in the middle of the desert and you're sure to have tempers and passion flaring.

With her talent for perfectly blending wit, passion, excitement and history, Chase hits the mark with a sprightly, highly engaging, action-packed love story that's filled with witty repartee and a bad-boy hero to die for. Put this at the top of your must-read list! SENSUAL (Mar., 320 pp., 6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin