Image of Mr. Strictly Business (Silhouette Desire)


Image of Mr. Strictly Business (Silhouette Desire)

MR. STRICTLY BUSINESS (3) by Day Leclaire: Three years ago, minutes after he proposed, businessman Gabe Piretti ditched his brand-new fiancee to solve a business problem. He never knew why she broke their engagement and disappeared. Now, Catherine Haile is in his office begging a favor -- help her save her fledgling event-planning business and the reputation that seems to be getting tarnished beyond redemption. Gabe is happy she's come back and plans to find out why she left. His ultimatum: He'll save her business if she lives with him until it gets back on track. It's hard to like Gabe's high-handedness or Catherine's determined silence on the real reason for the break-up, but the overall love story shines.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper