Image of Mrs. Miracle (Angels)


Image of Mrs. Miracle (Angels)

MRS. MIRACLE is the latest angelic treat from perennial favorite Debbie Macomber. Warm-hearted and tender, this is a touching read.

Seth Webster, a widower and father, desperately needs a miracle. During the four years following his wife Pamela's death, Seth's in-laws Sharon and Jerry Palmer have taken care of his young twins, Judd and Jason. Now that the boys are older and Seth's career established, it's time for the twins to live with their father again. This turns out to be easier said than done. After numerous housekeepers come and go, Seth is at the end of his rope.

A miracle arrives in the heavenly form of Mrs. Emily Merkle, the new housekeeper. In no time, Mrs. Miracle, as the boys call her, has the house running smoothly. It is still missing a mother's touch, however, and Mrs. Miracle has just the candidate in mind.

Travel agency owner Reba Maxwell has put her life on hold emotionally since her engagement broke off bitterly four years ago. When Reba's sister Vicki had an affair with Reba's fianc, it destroyed their family. But she has watched Seth from afar and, after being convinced to help out in the church Christmas pageant, she gets to meet both Seth and the boys.

Despite the duration of their marriage, Sharon and Jerry's love life is also on the rocks. Suddenly neither can communicate and an enormous gulf has sprung up between them. Mrs. Miracle will have her hands full as she attempts to heal some very battered hearts.

(Oct., 256 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith