It won't hurt to know the tale of King Arthur before reading Lang's novel, but those who don't will still enjoy the story. Despite the contemporary title and cover art, the action mostly takes place in Camelot, which Lang clearly loves. An unexpected twist at the end will leave readers wanting a sequel.

Not much can faze Gwen Dulak, but after being dumped by her boyfriend Lance, the confident attorney is rethinking things. When a monster named Mordred takes over her refrigerator, she turns to Viv, her witchy friend, for help. Viv can't offer more than herbs and advice, but an old friend's in town. Merlin, mystical mage of Britain, knows Gwen from her past life, when she was Queen Guinevere. And Mordred is Arthur's evil son, who is intent on taking Gwen for his own queen.

Merlin transports Gwen to Camelot just before the battle that destroys it. Reunited with Arthur, who is also plucked out of time, Gwen must replay life as his queen. To save Camelot, she must convince Arthur that she's true and faithful. Things look good until Lance -- Sir Lancelot -- arrives. With time running out and Mordred running amok, it looks as though Camelot will end this time around too. (Triskelion, Sep., 312 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice