As she turns on the morning news, Chicago advice columnist Shelby Simon learns about a series of letter bombs going off around the city. When Shelby arrives at the Daily Mirror, she finds out that all the letter bombs were addressed to her.

The paper is taking no chances. Her column is temporarily suspended and Shelby is put under police protection. After having worked undercover for months, Detective Mick Callahan is not thrilled with his new assignment, but he can escort Shelby to an out-of-state location and arrange for local protection. Shelby heads to her parents' house in the small community of Heart Lake, Michigan. Not wanting to terrify them, she asks Mick to pretend to be a "friend."

When Shelby arrives, she discovers that her parents have been keeping a few secrets themselves. With Heart Lake being so small, there is no official police force, so Mick decides to stick around— and it's a good thing that he does. Danger has followed them from Chicago.

McBride continues her terrific track record of delivering hard-to-put-down suspense. Shelby and Mick's burgeoning relationship works and is very engrossing. (Mar. 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith