This is not the first time that one of Lady Lucinda Malcolm Pembroke's paintings caused a scandal. She's painted a portrait of a laughing, dark-haired, scarred piratical rogue of a man astride a white stallion. But Lucinda has never met him. He is a figment of her imagination and her dreams.

Imagine her surprise when she discovers that her roguish gentleman is Sir Trevelyn Rochester and—to Lucinda's horror—he's accused of murdering his cousin because of the contents of her painting.

Trev is finished with his privateering days and wants nothing more than some peace and quiet and a home in England. He is determined to find this so-called prophetess who painted the portrait and set things right.

When he finds Lucinda, Trev is convinced that this beautiful, fey young woman can give him the answers to what happened to his cousin.

The magical Rice takes Trev and Lucinda, along with her readers, on a passionate, sensual and romantic adventure in this fast-paced, witty, poignant and magical tale of love. SENSUAL (Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond