Image of Much Ado In the Moonlight (MacLeod series Book 9)


Image of Much Ado In the Moonlight (MacLeod series Book 9)

Producer–director Victoria McKinnon should have smelled a rat when her annoying but rich older brother Thomas offered to finance her production of Hamlet and let her use his decaying English castle, Thorpewold. Upon arrival, while trying to acclimate her American cast and crew, Victoria discovers that the one detail Thomas forgot to mention is that Thorpewold is haunted -- by a handsome but grumpy ghost named Connor MacDougal.

Still fuming from his last encounter with Thomas, Connor vows vengeance on any McKinnon who dares set foot in Thorpewold. But it's Connor who's dumfounded when he gets a load of Victoria. Almost before he knows it, he's caught up with both the feisty Victoria and her quest to stage the Bard's classic. After having been murdered because of his McKinnon wife's adultery centuries earlier, does Connor dare trust his battered heart to another McKinnon?

No one melds ghosts and time travel better than the awesome Kurland. Her characters are so rich and vibrant, despite being ghosts, that they leap off the page. The warmth and humor of her interconnected stories make such enchanting novels you're sure to add them to your keeper shelves. (May, 464 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith