There has been an understanding between the fathers that their two children should someday be wed, but John Fitzwilliam, the Earl of Claremont, is in no hurry at all to take up his obligation to marry his childhood friend. He is much too enamored with his bachelor ways, not to mention his women, to consider leg-shackling himself, until a fateful encounter leads him to declare his honorable intentions to the world in order to protect the ladys good name.

Miss Addie Winstead has more than her good name to protect by accepting the Earls offer, but she cant bring herself to marry the man she loves because of his sense of obligation. His entanglement in a duela boxing duelis all her fault, so even though she refuses to marry the Earl, she is more than willing to become his coachhis boxing coach!

This funny book combines a delightfully eccentric cast of characters and some fancy footwork to transform a mishap into mischief and then into marriage for this stubborn couple. (Apr., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck