Ex-cop Nick Desmond lost his career and his father due to the Fazzini crime family. So Nick never expected matriarch Maureen Fazzini to request his services as a bodyguard. But in return for his help, she promises to supply Nick with the evidence he needs to restore his career and take down the crime family.

The widowed Maureen wants to fake her own death and whisk her granddaughter, Erin, off to Ireland to raise her away from the Fazzini influence. She needs Nick to protect them and pretend to be her nephew while they settle in the small town of Ballybrounagh.

Meanwhile, Maggie Mulligan returns to Ballybrounagh with her teaching credentials, only to learn that poor finances may cause the local school to close. Soon after meeting handsome Nick, Maggie begins hearing eerie voices in the wind. Nick too suspects he is losing it, as he also hears the whispers. It appears as if the ancient past is trying to affect the future…

The mystery and magic of the Mulligan family are back in MULLIGAN MAGIC, the sequel to last year's Mulligan Stew. In this enchanting tale, enduring love, revenge, suspense and the paranormal all mesh into a richly rewarding reading experience. Stover is a purveyor of magic. (Apr., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith