With his relationship with girlfriend Robin on the verge of collapse, psychologist and police consultant Alex Delaware is in a funk. Robin's left town on a music tour, and Alex is drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Then a mysterious package arrives, containing a "Murder Book" filled with photos from various crimes scenes. Puzzled, Alex shows the book to LAPD Det. Milo Sturges. Milo is suspicious but immediately hooked, for the Murder Book contains a shot from one of the first homicides he investigated. The murder of Jane Ingalls was especially brutal, but the case was never solved. It seems that someone wants the cold case reopened.

Milo always suspected that money, politics and power played a role in both the murder and the cover-up. He and Alex are asking for trouble by pursuing this, as one of the people who originally helped bury the case is now the Chief of Police. However, this time Milo won't be stopped. Finding out who killed Jane and why becomes a mission for both Milo and Alex.

THE MURDER BOOK is the first Milo-centered story in the long-running Alex Delaware series. Milo's background and early years on the force play pivotal roles in this intriguing and complex mystery. (Oct., 352 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith