Image of Murder of a Bookstore Babe


Image of Murder of a Bookstore Babe

Returning to Scumble River in this long running series, is like meeting up with an old group of friends and having a really good time. Skye Denison continues to be a strong and smart protagonist who readers will admire as she struggles to figure out her personal life and solve a mystery at the same time. Top notch storytelling and strong plotting make this mystery series a standout among others in the genre.

School psychologist Skye Denison is excited to learn a new bookstore will be opening in Scumble River. With a cute name like Tales and Treats, and a café that serves up delicious pastries, the store is sure to be a hit. Yet some outspoken citizens plan to protest the store, saying it will expose students to unsavory literature. Soon after opening day, Skye enters the shop and stumbles over a toppled bookcase, which has crushed a young employee. Was the bookcase intended for the young victim? Or was the real target the shop’s owner who looks very similar to the victim and has a big secret to hide? With the help of her police chief boyfriend, Skye must uncover the truth behind the murder before another Scumble River resident meets an untimely end and Tales and Treats goes under for good. (OBSIDIAN, Mar., 272 pp., $6.99)


Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin