Image of Murder on Fifth Avenue (Gaslight Mystery)


Image of Murder on Fifth Avenue (Gaslight Mystery)

This solid series continues to explore serious themes while transporting the audience to a 19th-century New York City where powerful men dominate. This is a world where women have little control over their lives or their sexuality, and Thompson neatly incorporates a number of timely issues into her well-constructed plot. As always, the setting is vividly rendered, the plotting is spot-on, and even well-practiced readers will have trouble spotting the villain here.

When a member of the exclusive Knickerbocker Club is found dead by a servant, Metropolitan Police Detective Sergeant Frank Mallory is surprised to be summoned by Felix Decker, his friend Sarah Brandt’s powerful father, to look into the matter. It is soon clear to Frank that the victim was murdered, and that no one in his family is sorry to see him dead. With help from Sarah and her mother, Mallory has to sort through a wide list of suspects with personal grudges against the victim, a task that becomes more complicated when a second murder is committed practically under Mallory’s nose. (PRIME CRIME, May, 304 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Carter