Image of The Murder Game


Image of The Murder Game

The horror continues
as two reluctant allies
are forced into the fight
of their lives. Picking up after events from The Dying Game, Barton once again throws readers into the mind
of a remorseless killer who is smart and determined. Barton's expertise
as a teller of terrifyingly twisted
tales of suspense is growing

Both P.I. Griffin Powell and FBI agent Nicole Baxter suspected that there were two killers working in tandem on the Beauty Queen, aka "Dying Game" case. But the case was closed after the death of one of the killers. That is, until the second killer, Pudge, contacts them and tells them he has started a new game and they must play along if they are to stop him. Nic is not thrilled to be forced to work with Griff, because he's arrogant and sidesteps proper procedure. However, as the killer continues to taunt them with his kills, she comes to appreciate Griff's strengths. It will take both of them to stop this twisted killer, for the end prize in his "Murder Game" is Nic herself. (ZEBRA, Feb., 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith