Image of Murder by the Glass (A Wine Lover's Mystery Book 2)


Image of Murder by the Glass (A Wine Lover's Mystery Book 2)

In the second installment in Scott's Wine Lover's series, Nikki Sands, a woman who enjoys working as a manager at Napa Valley's Malveaux Estate, gets caught up in murder when her friend Isabel Fernandez caters a wedding for her former boyfriend, Kristof Waltman, and his new bride. Nikki finds the murdered body of the bride on her wedding day and vows to find the killer after the police charge Isabel with the murder.

Nikki interviews the victim's friends and associates. When someone threatens her life, two men come to her aid. Her boss and potential love interest, Derek Malveaux, and Isabel's brother Andres both worry about her safety, but is Andres' interest merely friendly concern, or is he romantically attracted to Nikki?

Scott's latest is a captivating mystery that flows smoothly and effortlessly from the first page. The lover's triangle between Nikki, Derek and Andres adds intrigue and depth to this appealing novel, which has wine tips and tempting recipes. (Jun., 246 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick