Welcome to the fiercely competitive world of figure skating. When Russian Xenia Trubin wins the world championships by a narrow 54 vote against American Erin Simpson, Erin's fans cry foul—and Italian judge Silvana Potenza's swing vote causes her untimely death.

Television researcher Bex Levy must, according to her boss, solve Silvana's murder and boost their network's ratings by identifying the culprit on air. While the police believe that Silvana's electrocution was merely an accident, Bex thinks otherwise and begins searching for the killer. The deceased woman's purse reveals a copy of an e-mail from Xenia's coach to Silvana, listing the order in which Silvana placed the skaters after their final program. Bex believes that she only needs to discover when the e-mail was printed and by whom to solve the crime.

Adams uses her extensive knowledge of the real-life world of competitive figure skating to create a very realistic background for this murder—and possible blackmail—mystery, complete with hints of dark humor. A likeable, down-to-earth heroine makes this a must-read for cozy mystery fans with a fascination for figure skating. (Nov., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick