It was a stupid seminar exercise to begin with, but Regan Madison certainly never expected it to result in murder. While helping her wannabe investigative reporter friend check out a sleazy con man, Regan winds up participating in Dr. Shields' "make a murder list" exercise. After placing names of people you despise on the list, you are supposed to burn it. However, Regan is attacked while leaving the hotel and her list ends up in the hands of a psycho killer who decides to make it real.

The FBI has already drafted Chicago detective Alec Buchanan, and he is more than happy to turn in his resignation. However, Regan's wealthy and powerful older brothers request protection for her and Alec gets the assignment. Although he's not supposed to interfere with the actual murder investigation, Alec can't resist turning over some rocks.

Another sexy Buchanan brother bites the (love) dust in Garwood's hot new thriller. Filled with edgy suspense, powerful romance and flashes of humor, Murder List is vintage Garwood goodness! (Sep., 403 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith