Fagan’s second book featuring inept detective Nora Lassiter is filled with amusing scenarios. Nora has come into the detective business in a very unusual manner and as such, her skill seems to be made mostly of luck and pratfalls. The murder itself is less appealing; the victim isn’t well liked, the suspects aren’t well liked, and the surprise murderer is not that surprising. Still, the story is amusing, the reading is fast and the bedside lamp will be turned off with a sense of satisfaction. Plus the relationship between Nick and Nora is sweetly pleasing.

After Nora Lassiter’s finacé took off with another woman, the heroine's brief junket to the small town in Maine where she was raised has turned into a longer trip. She’s fallen into the “job” of a small-town detective, having solved one murder already. When another local is murdered, Nora somehow finds herself on the job again and this time, it seems her meddling has put her in danger herself. (Self-Published, Mar. 2013, dl., $2.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs