Image of Murder Melts in Your Mouth (Blackbird Sisters Mysteries, No. 7)


Image of Murder Melts in Your Mouth (Blackbird Sisters Mysteries, No. 7)

The new Blackbird Sisters book is a breezy visit with this delightful family of kooky sisters and their host of children, friends and neighbors. Martin has zeroed in on a tasty recipe for dishing up the heart of this funny family with a healthy dose of appetizing mystery. This is a witty, wonderful offering.

Not only has former debutante Nora Blackbird's boyfriend, Mick Abruzzo, decided they need to take a break from each other, her out-of-control sister Emma has announced she's pregnant, and their missing parents reappear in their lives.

To add to Nora's misery, Philadelphia is experiencing a heat wave bad enough to melt the city's Chocolate Festival into a bubbling puddle, her job as a society columnist could be in jeopardy, the creaky plumbing at her ancient farm is on the fritz again and her best friend Lexie is being accused of helping a noted philanthropist take a dive off her office balcony. Now Nora must try to find out who really committed the murder and what new mischief her parents are up to before they cause even more trouble. (NAL, Mar., 283 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper