Jeff Resnick didn't expect the mugging that broke his arm and fractured his skull. He wasn't ready for the visions either. When Jeff realizes that he saw his half-brother's banker dead in his dream, then discovers the banker, Matthew Summers, was actually murdered, he knows he's having more than an occasional nightmare. This gripping escapade into the inner workings of a traumatized mind is both entertaining and exciting as Jeff and his half-brother, Richard Alpert, who were never close before, find themselves working together to follow the clues leading to the banker's murderer.

At first, Jeff attempts to work on his own, following the information from his dreams, because he feels that Richard is patronizing him. But Jeff shows Richard that too many people have secrets and that his information does make sense. The mystery surrounding Summers escalates, and the number of people involved in the crime increases.

This is a high-powered drama filled with interesting characters that add dimension to a tightly paced story with a good kick at the end. (Nov. '05, 272 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown