Its Tulsa attorney Ben Kincaids toughest case yet. His client, 19-year-old stripper Keri Delcanton, is on trial for butchering her police officer lover. The cards are stacked against her and the cops would love to see her fry. Through a stroke of luck, Ben learns that certain warrants were illegally obtained and he gets Keri off on a technicality, much to the disgust of the police.

The case doesnt end there, though, for the blue squeeze is put on Benevidence is planted in his office, Keri is rearrested and Ben is taken into custody as a coconspirator. Ben will continue to represent Keri, to whom he has become emotionally attached, while his assistant, newly minted attorney Christina McCall, represents Ben.

The odds are stacked against Ben and Keri but Christina is shrewd and nothing gets by her. However, in these cases, nothing is as it seemsand when they end, nothing will ever be the same for Ben Kincaid.

MURDER ONE is an exceptionally strong legal thriller with an ending that will knock your socks off. The storyline is complex, with lots of surprises along the way, and Ben is a marvelous hero. (Dec., 460 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg