Image of Murder, Plain and Simple: An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery


Image of Murder, Plain and Simple: An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery

This series starter set in Amish country will delight readers with its details of the community’s culture and lifestyle. The contrast between the simple life and a grisly murder play out nicely in this well-done cozy. Although there is no urgency to solve the crime, the author does a good job of introducing several key players in the community, which develops a strong sense of place, and provides plenty of material for future mysteries.

Angela Braddock has left behind a broken engagement in Dallas, Texas, and moved to Rolling Brook, Ohio, where she just inherited her aunt’s Amish quilt shop, Running Stitch. The quilting circle welcomes her, but there are some in the Amish community who do not like the idea of an English woman running the shop. One such person is Joseph Walker, an Amish woodworker who claims he owns the shop. Angela must find the deed to prove him wrong, but before she can, Joseph is found in her shop with his throat cut. Angela’s aunt’s favorite quilt has been ripped apart as well. Is someone trying to frame Angela? She must uncover the truth before her stay in Rolling Brook is cut short for good. (OBSIDIAN, Sep., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin