Image of Murder in Plain Sight


Image of Murder in Plain Sight

Murder in Plain Sight is a wonderful tale of the strength of a community even in the midst of evil. Perry weaves a complex plot full of darkness, bright faith, prejudices and the human struggle to understand it all. The Amish characterization and descriptions are slightly distracting. However, the underlying and potent meaning comes through strong and clear.

Jessica Langdon is sent to Lancaster County, Pa., Amish country, to strike a plea bargain in the case of a teenager accused of murder. Upon meeting the boy, his family and the woman who hired her, it’s clear Jessica must defend him. Together with Trey Morgan, she battles death threats, bias and the fear of losing her job to uncover the truth and save a young boy’s life. Trey is still reeling from his father’s suicide when his mother hires a hot-shot attorney from the city to defend a local teen in a murder trial. Trey is determined to stick close to Jessica. He doesn’t trust her or her ability to understand the Amish community. (HQN, Dec., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton