Wanting some privacy, Meg Langslow and Mike, the love of her life, decide to go to Meg's aunt's cottage on a remote island off the coast of Maine. When they arrive, they discover that a storm has now made it impossible for them to leave the island. And even worse, Meg's entire screwy family, including her newly remarried parents, is also staying at the cottage. Privacy is definitely out of the question.

Meg and Mike make the best of things by exploring the island, but they don't get very far before they're shot at by the cranky Victor Resnick, who's decided that they are trespassing, which they are not. They're furious but there's nothing they can do.

Unfortunately, they run into Victor again, only this time he's a corpse. Meg and Mike decide to investigate, and discover that at one time Resnick may have been involved with Meg's scatterbrained mom--and that her dad may be the killer.

This mystery is a fine puzzler, with romance and humor adding the finishing touches. Meg and Mike are engaging, as is Meg's eccentric family. (May, 288 pp., $24.95).

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg