Fired from her previous job, Skye Denison reluctantly returns to her hometown of Scumble River, Illinois, to accept a position as school psychologist. She arrives in time for the annual Chokeberry Festival and finds the town divided over whether the festival should expand or not. Skye really isn't interested until she stumbles across the body of popular childrens TV show host, elderly Mrs. Gumtree. A preliminary investigation reveals that Mrs. Gumtree was actually the youthful Honey Adair, a native daughter, and that shes been murdered.

Police suspicion soon falls on Skyes happy-go-lucky brother Vince, who had been involved with the nasty Honey years earlier. The murder weapon even belongs to Vince! Skye hires the best attorney she can and then sets out to clear Vinces name.

MURDER OF A SMALL TOWN HONEY is the start of a bright new series. Swanson captures the essence of small town life in Scumble River, and Skye is a likable heroine. (Jul., 256 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg