Like Martin's debut novel, Body Count, this is a top-notch thriller with a cabal
of blood-chilling villains. Sophie's an intriguing character, and her first-person narrative makes the story really sing.

Six months ago, FBI profiler Sophie Anderson nearly lost her life while working the D.C. slasher case. It's left her badly shaken -- she hasn't been in the field since -- and looking forward to her upcoming vacation in Tucson. But once she arrives, her host, Detective Darren Carter, is called to a homicide scene. Sophie accompanies him, and when she sees the body, she has a vision. It's the first of a series of bodies -- and visions. But some elements of the killings don't add up, making it unclear if one killer -- or more -- is at work. Soon Sophie's officially assigned to the case, but even she can't imagine the horrible truth about what's going on. (MIRA, Dec., 352 pp., $24.95) Catherine Witmer
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer