Image of The Murderer's Daughters


Image of The Murderer's Daughters

There are no easy solutions in Meyers' gripping book about a childhood that tests the bond of two sisters. Through their shared narrative, the women's story will make readers consider how lies and violence overshadow a person's life.

When Lulu and Merry were children, their drunken father murdered their mother and nearly killed Merry. The two ended up in foster care, where they quickly learned to stick together.

Lulu, who conceals her past, becomes a doctor, focused on saving others as she didn't her mother. Merry regularly visits her father in prison and tries to redeem herself and her family by working with criminals. When the day both sisters have dreaded arrives -- the release of their father from prison -- the women find strength in themselves and each other to finally move beyond the past and live a life outside the shadows of their horrendous childhood. (ST. MARTIN'S, Jan., 320 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison