When friends of Betsy Devonshire buy an antique car, she finds herself taking an interest in the local road rally and race that will feature automobiles manufactured prior to 1912. Not only are cars fascinating, the rally will bring an influx of people to town and new customers to her needlework shop.

Betsy meets several new people who are avid needleworkers, including Charlotte Birmingham, wife of an auto enthusiast. Charlotte and Betsy strike up an instant friendship and plan to see each other during the rally. Tragically, Charlotte's husband never gets to fully participate because he is blown to bits in his ancient auto.

The police are hot on the case, but Charlotte has learned of Betsy's growing reputation as a crime solver and asks her to take a look at things, to the displeasure of the other Birminghams. Still, the murder happened before her very eyes, and Betsy will not let things rest until the killer is brought to justice.

Fascinating facts about cars as well as tidbits about needlework are smoothly woven into this enjoyable mystery. As always, a fun needlework pattern is included. (Mar., 256 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg