With that special blend of romance and suspense, poignancy and humor, Andrea Kane once again sweeps readers into a wonderland of magic, love, danger and intrigue.

Since the death of her parents in a mysterious fire, Gabrielle Denning has been Lady Nevon's ward, living as close to a fairytale life as possible. The only memory of her family and that tragic night is a beautiful music box that Gabrielle treasures. Yet, Lady Nevon has not been able to protect her from the dreams that haunt her nights or control her sleepwalking.

Bryce Lyndley, illegitimate son of Lady Nevon's brother, has been another of her "projects." Rejected by his titled father, Bryce had been schooled with Lady Nevon's money and has become a respected solicitor.

Soon it is time he came home to meet the destiny Lady Nevon has planned for him and for her beloved Gaby. Using their love for her, Lady Nevon begins to manipulate Gaby and Bryce, not knowing that her scheme will open the doors to the past, placing Gaby and Bryce in danger.

As secrets are revealed and memories surface, Gaby is awakened to love's magic, but danger and treachery are also lurking.

With a delightful cast of characters and a story brimming over with the joy of love and its ability to erase the demons of the past, THE MUSIC BOX is like a perfectly pitched tune that will play upon readers' hearts again and again. SENSUAL (Mar., 399 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin