Highlighting the power and intrigue
of the music world, and the charisma
of top conductors, this story is a wonderfully fashioned, very suspenseful peek into life at the top of the classical music food chain. The author's descriptions of what it means to hear powerful music in Carnegie Hall are right on.

Anna Salazar, a New York homicide detective, is called to investigate the execution-style killing of a French horn player at Carnegie Hall. She meets two witnesses, a hysterical wannabe violinist, and Nicholas Vranos, the foremost interpreter of Beethoven in the world. Is the mesmerizing Vranos not only the victim's best friend but also his killer?

Then someone tries to kill Vranos, and an archduke claims to have found a 10th symphony by Beethoven. Anna falls victim to Vranos' charm and must fight to retain her objectivity while keeping him alive. Just who is orchestrating this complex piece? (Redburn press, Nov., 301 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan