Owing a favor to her cousin is about to get pre-school owner Jane Preston in a sticky situation. With her job hanging in the balance, Molly Applegate begs Jane to take her place as an escort at an exclusive intellectual retreat in Cape May, N.J. In order to make the weekend enjoyable for those without significant others, escorts are provided for the social aspects of the retreat. What Molly really wants is for Jane to dig up any scandals about one of the attendees, Senator Aubrey Harrison, who is about to announce his candidacy for president.

Professor John Romanowski (aka political thriller writer J.P. Roman) is also attending the retreat, and he too has a secondary agenda: Find the evidence to destroy Harrison.

As fate would have it, Jane and John are assigned as partners. With both trying to maneuver their own agendas, they nearly sabotage each other. Someone is going to have to 'fess up fast and see if the duo can pool their resources to accomplish their goals.

With her own unique and humorous style, author Kasey Michaels dishes up the dirt and the laughs. (Feb., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith