Image of This Must Be the Place: A Novel


Image of This Must Be the Place: A Novel

This amazing debut is by turns clever, funny, sad and uplifting. It celebrates friendship, uniqueness and people’s capacity to both love and hurt others in their journey toward their destiny. Racculia skillfully explores how conflicting truths and secrets can converge with unexpected results. Once you reach the end you may be tempted to start over again.

Brilliant, misfit teenager Oneida lives with her mother Mona in a boardinghouse peopled with odd tenants. Arthur is drawn to the home by a never-mailed postcard his wife had saved, and arrives with a box full of her keepsakes as attempts to find meaning in the strange items. The trio is caught up in shifting emotions and uncertainty as Oneida experiences her first crush and the vagaries of friendship at the same time that she starts resenting her mother for not telling her the truth about her birth. (HENRY HOLT, Jul., 336 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan