Rising star Rowe's outrageously
hilarious paranormal series is chock-full of sexy mischief and mayhem. Only Rowe can make Satan come off as a lovesick swain with a bad tendency to fall off the wagon and into evil. This is pure escapist fun!

Lack of no-carb pretzels and sex can make a girl/dragon do really stupid things, which helps explain the mess Theresa Nichols finds herself in. Things are going from bad to much worse for the interim guardian of the Goblet of Youth. For starters, being stuck in the form of a dragon for centuries means no sex. Now Theresa finally has met, via e-mail, a man she really likes, little knowing that Zeke Siccardi has his own secret -- he's a dragon slayer by birth.

Desperation leads Theresa to make a deal with Satan to get her human form back, which leads to more trouble when several assassins jump on her trail. Zeke swore off killing dragons decades ago, but falling in love with one certainly wasn't on his agenda. Now Zeke is being pressured by his instincts and his fellow dragon slayers to kill Theresa. Is there any way out of this convoluted mess -- preferably minus bloodshed? (WARNER FOREVER, Nov., 384 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith