Mackay (Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s alter ego) displays her love of all things Scots in a charming, lightweight, fast-paced tale without much conflict or character development. However, it is a book that’s so easy to read it’s ideal for a quickie before bed.

His betrothed’s death turns Magnus MacBride into a Berserker, vowing vengeance on the Norsemen. Only one thing soothes him: visions of a beautiful woman and the love they make. Far away in time and space, Margo Menlove lives a quiet life in New Hope, Penn., dreaming of the braw Scotsman in her book. She never expects to find a man to match her dreamboat until she wins a trip to Scotland. When she leaves the tour, she picks up an unusual stone and is swept into a battle facing Magnus. The warrior is stunned to see his mystery woman before him; not only that, the Vikings magically disappear and she’s nude. The instant attraction he feels is shocking and Margo is thrilled to see the living version of her hero. In a matter of days she fits into his arms and his world, helping him fight off the powers of evil and his hatred. This is her dream come true, but can she hold onto it? (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Jan., 316 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin