Image of Must Love Vampires


Image of Must Love Vampires

Betts pens the tales of two sisters and the vampire brothers they fall for. These light, heart-warming stories are amusing, but provide nothing new or special to add to the genre or the field of vampire lore.

Twins Chloe and Charlotte (Chuck) trade clothes one night so that Chloe can be with her boyfriend and Chuck can pursue an investigation. Chuck is a tabloid reporter anxious to prove that wealthy casino owner Sebastian is a vampire. Believing Chuck to be Chloe and out to snare his brother, Sebastian kidnaps Chuck and tries to learn what she is after. Meanwhile, after a quickie Elvis-themed Vegas wedding, Chloe and Aidan are married, despite harboring some pretty important secrets. Chloe is shocked when her new husband delivers a serious bite during sex and she has some real concerns that Aidan is a deluded goth/vampire wannabe. Chloe has a surprise of her own, but one that Aidan is OK with. (BRAVA, Oct., 240 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan