Image of Mustang Wild


Image of Mustang Wild

This strong debut is a tale of one woman's struggle to overcome a father's deceit before she can find peace, forgiveness and passion with the man meant for her. Each character carries his or her own weight, adding depth and humor to this honestly written story.

Skylar Daines has only been a woman for short while. Before that, she impersonated the eldest son of her father, breaking horses and being trail boss on her family's many trail drives. Sworn to right the wrongs done to them when her father was murdered and their herd of mustangs stolen, she must locate her father's last business partner and convince him to help her and her brother. But the man she finds is not who she expected.

Tucker Morgan has always been a hellraiser with a hidden wish to find an angel. When she walks into the saloon where he's just won a huge pot -- including one marriage certificate -- his life changes forever. He and Skylar end up married, and neither one knows just how it happened, but now they must hightail it to his ranch before the man who murdered Sky's father gets there to claim it by squatter's rights.

The journey proves easy compared to the task of taming Skylar. The two begin a courtship as unpredictable as the untamed horses they drive. With Tucker's twin, Chance, along for backup and Sky's younger brother, Garret, as the fourth, this family will learn love is the only way to gentle wild hearts and capture unspoken dreams. (Harlequin, Mar., 350 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black