Its time for another glorious romp through the drawing rooms of London, courtesy of the fabulous Judith Lansdowne.

After years of fighting on the Conti-nent, Adam Gregory Attenbury, Viscount Stoneforth, returns home to find his nephew and heir at deaths door after an ill-conceived duel. Determined not to let the young man die, he decides to beard the ladies of Almacks in their den, so to speak, to meet the object of his nephews affections.

The Right Honorable Melody Harriman is both astounded to learn of the young mans feelings and appalled by his wounded state after defending her from the cruel and malicious remarks of a bored bon vivant. However gallant the young man, it is his more mature uncle who captures both her eye and her heart.

Meanwhile, her three beautiful cousins concoct an irresistibly unique plan to teach the beaus of the ton just how they should treat a lady. Throw in a touch of suspense, and the result, of course, is absolutely delicious.

Ms. Lansdowne has quickly established herself as one of the Regency genres most beloved treasures and once again makes your heart sing with pure joy. (Nov., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer