Carlson has once again written an engaging novel that is sure to be loved. Teen readers will relate to main character Shannon’s young love and insecurity. As this is told in second person, readers get an excellent sense of Shannon’s inner dialogue, which may leave adults rolling their eyes but teens feeling validated. Overall, this is an enjoyable story and fun glimpse into the Amish community.

Shannon McNamara is not happy when she finds out that she and her ill mother will be moving in with distant relatives for the summer, and she is surprised when they are picked up at the train station in a horse and buggy. The summers starts out tense with her Amish relatives, until Shannon meets Ezra, a local Amish boy who steals her heart. This newfound love entices her to experiment with Amish life, but Shannon never feels like she truly fits in. With her relationship in jeopardy and her mother’s health declining, Shannon doesn’t know where she belongs. (REVELL, Feb., 272 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Frobisher