Since the day she was wed as a child to Sebastian, Earl of Langlinais, Julianna has been waiting for him.

In the years since their marriage, Sebastian has been on the Crusades and seen and done things he wants to forget. Now, trapped in a scheme, he is compelled to return home and summon his bride. Without her, his world and the vows he made are doomed.

Julianna is face-to-face with a strong, full-grown man who, for reasons of his own, wants her as wife in name only. Julianna cannot deny she is attracted to him, and neither can he resist her sweetness and beauty.

The heavy secret he carries is made lighter by Juliannas presence, although there is danger inherent in loving her. Yet faith in love, goodness and the human spirit will guide Sebastian and Julianna.

Karen Ranney has written a very special book that taps into our need for the spiritual, our faith in the healing power of love, truth and goodness. MY BELOVED is a story of stunning beauty and deeply intense emotions that are sure to draw readers into the classic tale of good vs. evil. Kudos to Karen Ranney for her originality, inventiveness and great storytelling. SENSUAL (Sep., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin