Image of But My Boyfriend Is


Image of But My Boyfriend Is

Angst lovers may devour this tale of two closeted men who fall for each other while fighting self-induced and societal pressures. Romance lovers, however, may find it too much of a long haul. Sex scenes are steamy, although occasionally feel repetitive, but the interaction between characters often veers into overkill. Anti-gay messages abound, from the initial gay bashing to Dylan’s self-hate, often weighing down the storyline too heavily. Still, Mike is a believable knight in shining armor, and series fans will love seeing characters return.

Dylan Williams keeps telling himself he’s not gay. Cruising in the park doesn’t mean a thing. But when he meets football trainer Mike Aurietta after Dylan’s twin brother is a victim of mistaken identity, Dylan keeps going back to Mike again and again. Mike doesn’t mind the “acquaintances-with-benefits” setup because he’s not about to out himself either — it would risk his job with a Division One college. When things start getting serious, though, they’re both forced to re-evaluate what’s important. (SAMHAIN, Jul., 272 pp., $16.00)
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Cyndy Aleo