Image of My Dangerous Pleasure


Image of My Dangerous Pleasure

An unlucky human female becomes the focus of the next battle in the ongoing war between the Magekind and Fiends. Expert storyteller Jewel excels at developing rich and intriguing characters who face challenges of the most dangerous kind. Packed with the right dose of danger and treachery, this love story is the perfect escape from reality.

Following the severing of his blood-twin bond with the treacherous Fen, Iskander is getting his sanity and life back. He’s even a landlord. Although he keeps his distance from people, Iskander has kept an eye on his tenant, Paisley Nichols. Their worlds collide when Paisley becomes the stalking target of insane mage Rasmus Kessler. Iskander promises to protect Paisley. The question is: why is Kessler obsessed? As Paisley and Iskander grow closer, they discover that although she is resistant to magic, Paisley has a mysterious power that makes her of the utmost value to the Fiends. It soon becomes apparent that Kessler is not alone in his obsession with Paisley! (FOREVER, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith